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Essential Swimming Pool Maintenance Items

A swimming pool is quite an investment for property owners. That said, it is important to maintain the pool regularly to retain clear water quality. Aside from the right schedule, the right items are also required for swimming pool maintenance. These are the tools needed to do the task properly:

  • Pool Skimmer – The skimmer is a common item every swimming pool should have. This tool is handy to remove leaves, bugs, dirt, and other small objects floating in the pool.
  • Pool Vacuum – Some debris float, while others sink to the bottom of the pool floor. A skimmer with a long handle can be difficult to clean the floor. The pool vacuum is the answer to get rid of the mess below.
  • Pool Brush – While the pool vacuum is an efficient tool, it may not be able to remove stubborn grime or algae on the floor and walls. That is when a pool brush is necessary to sweep them away and be collected by the vacuum.
  • Pool Water Test Kit – The test kit is a must-have item to gauge pool acidity, specifically to know if it is safe to swim. There are digital testing kit devices that can check for any chemical traces.
  • Chlorine Tablets – Chlorine is what keeps swimming pools clean from bacteria and dirt. Proper chlorine levels is a must to ensure the pool remains clean throughout the seasons without posing serious health threats to those who’ll use the pool.
  • Cleaning Products – While chlorine prevents bacterial growth, the pool is still susceptible to contaminants and algae. Chem shocks and algaecides are essential products to remove the mess and control water quality.

Using the items above properly can ensure a well-maintained swimming pool. Should you prefer availing swimming pool maintenance service in Moreno Valley, CA, then hire R&F Pool Services for the task. You can rely on the company for cleaning, filter replacements, pool repairs, and more. Call them at (951) 269-3723 to book or inquire more about their services.


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