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Some Basics of Swimming Pool Motor Replacement


When we get into a pool, we don’t really think about the components that make up one. Even one as significant as the pool pump and motor, which is what turns the pool water over enough to circulate it effectively, depending on the size of your pool, and to keep it clean and filtered. And naturally, when it breaks, as most things do after a while, it’s especially tempting to resort to do-it-yourself fixes. Setting the fact that it’s imperative to go to an expert on pools and swimming pool motor replacement aside, below are a couple essentials that you have to know regarding your pool pump.


Replacing the Shaft Seal

The top reason behind your pool pump going bad and, consequently, your need for swimming pool motor replacement is corrosion due to shaft seal failure. What makes it important to replace the shaft seal is the fact that any issue found with it by your motor manufacturer can void the warranty on your motor. When you get to the point of actually replacing the shaft seal, you need to take note of the following: touching the ceramic portion of the (new) shaft seal with your bare fingers will cause the oils from your skin to break the ceramic down; both pieces of the old shaft seal have to be removed.


Ordering the Correct Motor

Of course, when you need a new unit installed, you’re going to need the correct one—similar to what you have been using—and not just the first one you can find out on the market. So before you and your hired service provider can get into the thick of swimming pool motor replacement, you have to know who the motor manufacturer is, what the model is, and what the specs are. The specs detail the horsepower, service factor, volts, amps, speed (RPM), cat #, and model #. These can be taken from the motor label.

Considering all that’s been said, know that when circumstances necessitate a pool pump replacement, deferring to the professionals like R&F Pool Services from Moreno Valley, CA should never be the last resort.


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